Beautiful Baguio Photography Contest

It’s my first time to join a contest like this and I have challenged myself to contend with all hobbyist and professional photographers of Baguio City, Philippines. Well I’m glad that one out of my two entries shortlisted amongst 100+ photos submitted in the contest, I got the top 5.


It was on August 13, 2014 when they announced that an event by Baguio Photographer’s Club will be held (i.e. Beautiful Baguio 2014 Photography Contest) in commemoration of Baguio Day every 1st of September. Of course I didn’t think twice to join this competition since my passion is on Landscape Photography.

My three landscape entries:minesview-2This shot was taken at Minesview in Baguio City. I actually traveled here just to add my final entry and this was it. (not selected during the first 100 entries, Date taken Aug. 23, 2014) 

abanaosquareOne of my favorite motion blur in Baguio City, this shot was taken at Abanao Square. (This photo was qualified in Top 70 photos in the contest, Date taken June 15, 2014) 

universityofbaguioAnd this is my winning piece, taken at 7th floor of University of Baguio. Well I was waiting for my friend during that time. (Top 5 Honorable Mention, Date taken June 10, 2014)

Top 10


Top 70 entries

10457903_10202552685834576_7766899299395781485_n 10645073_10202552681314463_9091983149022929182_n

Judges and Participants


This experience for me is unforgettable =)

Congratulations to all winners!


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