The story behind this beautiful sunset.

It was late in the afternoon on November 26, 2014 in the University of Baguio when my friends and I decided to chill out in the food court after our school activities when I noticed that the sun was shining so brightly when it was about to set. That was exactly 5:12 PM. I then asked some of my friends to go with me to the 8th floor but nobody wanted to. Then i saw my friend Justine

1975262_10203164621012573_1240023512177910338_nand I asked her to assist me and she agreed. So we quickly ran up the staircase to catch the sunset since we were on the ground floor. Tired and panting, I quickly fixed my gear and camera settings and took a shot of Baguio’s beautiful sunset….what an amazing scenery!

DSC_0163The biggest cliche in photography is sunrise and sunset..

Taken at University of Baguio, 8th floor.

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