Blacklight | Multimedia 2015 Openshoot

10978622_783442445063760_1639554612516346242_nBlacklight | Multimedia previously known as Blacklight Advertising, serves as a talent pool of passionate young photographers and cinematographers.

To be the preferred choice of rising photographers, cinematographers and digital artists with commitment to produce stunning imagery and striving for excellence in each field in the industry.

To connect photographers, cinematographers, and digital artists with the aim to build friendship and camaraderie among the members, wherein sharing of ideas is most openly encouraged to improve creative thinking and skill growth. (from the bio of B|L)

It’s been a while when Blacklight has become active again. This year Ron Garcia and Kyrke Jaleco, founders of Blacklight | Multimedia, together with Jemimah Hope revived the spirits of young and aspiring professional photographers in Baguio City by starting off with an open shoot for Blacklight 2015. New members include Ivan Tiamzon, Wilmarc Lagon, David Justin Robles, Kurt Denielle Manebo, Tristan Joseph Escarlan, Slip Knot and Jude Pudlao(Click the names to view their profiles)

10928542_422420001266841_2068662956_n                                        Featured in Sunstar May 21-22 2011 issue.

Blacklight | Multimedia Open shoot 2015

10376733_783436591731012_3231365605644653705_n 12801_421972611311580_3481956715656577459_nThe open shoot organized by Jemimah Hope was successful and everyone enjoyed the company of new friends with fresh talents in photography. Exchanging of new ideas and inspiring one another, these are some of the things shared among the group. Good company, young and talented photographers, great goals for Blacklight | Multimedia….yes it definitely was a good start.

Some of my shots during the open shoot..

Rochelle Cancino
Joanne Del Rosario
Daphne Nanales Poblador


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