Taking a photo of my G. Pulchripes(Tarantula).

Trying to take a photo of my small tarantula, using my Nikon D5100 18-55mm kit lens, SB600 and +7 Haida Close Up Filter. What is a Close Up Filter? Read here:  https://ivntiamzon.com/2014/07/19/close-up-filters-in-dslr/ Scientific Name: Grammostola pulchripes (Simon 1892) (previously Grammostola aureostriata) Deriving its common … Continue reading

Sony World Photography Awards 2015 – Open Competition

WPO Profile: http://www.worldphoto.org/profile/ivntiamzon/ My entries for Open Competition of Sony World Photography 2015:  Theme: Travel Entry Link: http://www.worldphoto.org/images/competition-entry-gallery/?MemberID=268376&CompetitionID=110

The story behind this beautiful sunset.

It was late in the afternoon on November 26, 2014 in the University of Baguio when my friends and I decided to chill out in the food court after our school activities when I noticed that the sun was shining … Continue reading

Using Aperture Priority in your DSLR (Getting the best blur background)

What is Aperture Priority? Aperture priority, often abbreviated A or Av (for aperture value) on a camera mode dial, is a setting on some cameras that allows the user to choose a specific aperture value while the camera selects a shutter speed to match, thereby ensuring proper exposure. This is different … Continue reading